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Dear HSES Family:

I want to take the opportunity to welcome you to the start of another school year at Hartford-Sumner Elementary School. This week our school will welcome three hundred ten students to our building for the start of another exciting school year. Once again, our staff is looking forward to meeting the challenges of the school year and all that it holds.

In my eleven years as principal of Hartford-Sumner Elementary School, I cannot think of a school year that has not begun without changes for our school. This year is no different in that regard. Our school is once again committed to providing quality instruction in the areas of reading, writing, and math. Over the years, Hartford-Sumner Elementary School has been fortunate in that our class size ratios have been able to remain quite stable. Our school has always tried to keep class sizes in kindergarten to grade 3 under a twenty to one ratio, with the understanding in grades 4-6 those ratios might be just a little bit higher. It is our belief that smaller class sizes support effective teaching and they also give teachers the ability to give their students the type of individual attention they need in order to be successful.

HSES is very fortunate to be adding the following educators into our HSES family, and I would ask you to join me in welcoming them:

Sara Murphy has transferred from Dirigo Elementary School and will be a special education teacher.

Rick Gauvin replaces Serena Williams as our guidance counselor.

Katie Nolette replaces Donna Bates as a Title One teacher.

Tiffany Thone replaces Mechell Smith as a kindergarten teacher.

We also have some teachers who are familiar faces, but who will be in different places:

Melissa Reuter is moving from Reading Recovery to a grade 1 classroom teacher.

Melissa Underwood returns from her sabbatical as a grade 1 classroom teacher.

Crystal Crowell is moving from a grade 6 classroom teacher to a grade 4 classroom teacher.

Heidi Campbell is moving from a grade 1 classroom teacher to a math specialist position.

Sue Tifft is moving from a grade 4 classroom teacher to a Title One teacher.

As I mentioned earlier, the academic focus at HSES will continue to be on literacy and math instruction. These areas are the foundation of everything we do here at Hartford-Sumner Elementary School and our staff is continually exploring professional development opportunities to enhance their practice for the benefit of our students.

I am very much looking forward to working with you and your child this coming school year. I encourage you to partner with and support our school and its mission of “motivating life-long learning in a safe and healthy environment as we inspire each other to be creative problem solvers, to set goals, and to have high aspirations.” If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at rwilkins@rsu10.org .


Ryan R. Wilkins, Principal