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Read For Money!

Now that I have your attention!!  I recently got to do one of my favorite things - reading to kids...I took the Read to ME Challenge at RES.  For more information you can go to I was thinking about how vitally important it is to read to our children.  The more students are read to and have access to books  the more likely they are to be better readers and thus do better in school. The better in school the more likely to access further education and build a career you enjoy and make a good living.  It is like reading for money!!  Take the challenge and Read To ME!! 

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Lots going on !!

I attended an exciting "Juggling Act" on Friday night.  Jason Tardy, who was a former student from HSES and BJSHS has been all over the world and gave his time and entertainment to HSES as a fundraiser.  During the day he performed for the students with an inspiring message.  All of this for free!! We thank him very much.  On Saturday two of our three cheerleading teams performed at "Cheers for the Heart" in Oxford Hills, raising money for the American Heart Association. MVHS and MVMS represented our District well.  These were just two of the many activities going on in our District.  Please get out and enjoy all our students and District has to offer.

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Snow Days!

Remember when we were kids (some of us still are) and we loved "Snow Days".  It seemed like they scarcely happened, but when they did we were so excited!  Now they seem all too frequent.  So far this year we have had five "Snow Days", which extends our school year to Friday, June 15th.  To me, that is a great day to end on, however it is difficult to think  there will not be another "Snow Day".  My message to all is this, I would not plan a vacation during the week of June 18th-22nd...yet.....we'll keep you posted. 

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I’m Back!!

Welcome to "Deb's Digest".  As the Superintendent of Schools, this is where I plan to share happenings and information regarding our District and education.  Hope you will check out Deb's Digest from time to time!  

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