See Something, Say Something!

//See Something, Say Something!

See Something, Say Something!

In this time of heightened concern and awareness of safety and security in our schools and communities we are seeing that “See Something, Say Something” can be one of the most powerful strategies we have in deterring a crisis.  Lending a hand when someone needs help, sticking up for someone else, making a connection when someone appears loney and, yes, saying something when something doesn’t seem right are things we all can do that, can and are, already making a difference.

We must consider every different thing that can be done from all different angles.  That is what we are working towards in our schools.  How can we continuously improve?!!  The following was put out by our Maine Department of Education.  I’m happy to say we employ many of these strategies, but we know we can always do better.  We all need to work together for safer communities.     Twenty Simple Strategies to Safer and Effective Schools




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