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Buildings, Grounds and Transportation Updates 2018-02-08T19:55:27+00:00

Busy winter for RSU 10 Buildings, Grounds, and Transportation staff.


I just wanted express my gratitude to our staff of hard working individuals on a job well done this winter.  With cold weather, snow storms, multiple after-school activities and an ever-changing extra-curricular and building-use schedule, we have had our hands full.

This winter, so far, we have done over 50 field trips and hosted over 170 activities in our buildings.  This is not including athletic trips for which we have provided transportation or the games we have hosted in our 4 gymnasiums.  

Our maintenance team has kept our buses and support vehicles up and running.  Engine work, rust repair, and general preventive maintenance has kept them busy.  Building repairs, heating issues, sporting events, plays, meeting set up, and a regular cleaning schedule keeps our custodial staff busy as well.  We have completed 136 work orders since November 1st.  

On snow days our staff comes in between 3 and 4 am.  They shovel out walkways, emergency exits, and entry ways.  We plow and snow blow our parking lots and bus service area.  We clean off all 35 bus roofs with roof-rakes as well as cleaning off all off our support vehicles.  

This flu and cold season has hit our district / our staff hard this year, but we’ve tried to cover so that our we are meeting all our student, staff, building, and transportation needs.

If you get a chance, please try to thank a bus driver or custodian.  Our staff is always working in the background to make sure our students and teachers are on time and have a warm, clean building to fulfill their educational needs!